XPSWMM/XPStorm software is designed to work on your desktop PC. Requirements for computer power are dependent on the size and complexity of your model, length of the simulation, time, and other control settings. The following table should be used as a guide.

Operating System
Windows 10, 64 bitWindows 10, 64 bit
ProcessorCore i5 or better

Multiple Core processor

i7, i9 or Xeon*

3 GHz or better

RAMOS Minimum16 GB
Display1024 x 768 24 bit color4K multiple monitor 1920 x 1200 32 bit color
Video Card


Vertex shader version 1.0 or greater

Pixel shader version 1.4 or greater

Direct X 9.0

2 GB or more Memory

Vertex shader version 1.0 or greater

Pixel shader version 2.0 or greater

DirectX 9.0 or better

Nvidia CUDA 3.0 Compatible GPU Card or greater

Disk Space50 GB500+ GB, Solid State Hard Drive

Network Server installation can be hosted on any current Windows operating system (Windows Server or Windows 10).   The Network Server hosts the USB drivers for the hardware dongle and needs to accessible for the client application to work.

*XPSWMM, XPStorm can only leverage a maximum of 8 cores when utilizing XP2D Extreme.