The following options are available to install XPSWMM 2019.1 from the command line:

Command line switch



Install the product


Quiet install (no User Interface)


(Always required) Must be one of: Standalone, NetworkClient, NetworkServer


(Required for Standalone and Network Client setup types.)

The path to the xcf license configuration file


(Required for NetworkClient)

 The IP address of the server that has Sentinel network dongle

Examples of using the installer from the command line:

Standalone (Sentinel):

xpswmm2019.1.exe /i /q SetupType=Standalone LicenseFile=D:\xpswmm.xcf

Network Client:

xpswmm2019.1.exe /i /q SetupType=NetworkClient LicenseFile=D:\xpswmm.xcf ServerAddress=

Network Server:        

xpswmm2019.1.exe /i /q SetupType=NetworkServer