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This page provides the various software files to enhance your modeling experience. Browse through the items below and select the desired items for download.

Getting Started Training Material Model Files

The Getting Started Guide Model Files are used at the beginning of each tutorial in the Getting Started Training Material. The files are essentially version independent and can be used for version 2014 and later. 

Click to download the Getting Started Guide Model Files.

To install the model files, double-click the file once downloaded and edit the Extract to folder to coincide with your main XPSWMM/XPStorm folder.

Model Templates

The model template files can be used as a starting point to build a model or as a way to import typically used records or tables. These templates are used in the Getting Started Training Material.

Click the self extracting file on All Templates to download all of the various templates listed in the table below.

All templates listed in the above table are standard zip and are not self-extracting files.

Supplemental Sample Files

There are a number of sample models that can be downloaded for your reference. You can use these supplemental sample files to explore the other functionalities of the application. Once the self-extracting zip file is downloaded, this file can be extracted by running the executable.

Click to download the Sample Files.

The default extracting location for the XPSWMM 2019.1 sample file is in the XPSWMM 2019.1 folder. Please update this destination if XPStorm is being used.