If you get driver related errors after finishing the installation using the EXE installer. Sometimes it is because the exe installer failed to install the required dependencies.

The solution is a manual install, before getting started first make sure you verified there are no licensing issues following the Troubleshooting Common Installation Errors. 

  1. Remove XPSWMM using Add or remove programs as described on Uninstalling XPSWMM.

  2. Download the third-party dependencies on Third Party Downloads.

  3. After installing all the third-party prerequisites, go to the product download page (if you do not have an account, register for free here) and download the msi installer. The latest version can be found below:

  4. Install XPSWMM/XPSTORM using the msi installer.

  5. If that does not fix your problem, please refer to the advanced troubleshooting section of the Troubleshooting Common Installation Errors page or contact support@innovye.zom.