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In the Global Database, Low Impact Development (LID) or Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) measures can be defined. These options include Bioretention facilities, Porous Pavement, Infiltration Trenches, Vegetative Swales, and Rain Barrels. 

The LID features can be used in simulating hydrology (Runoff) when running a simulation using the xpswmm5 engine. 

The LID feature will not function unless the xpswmm5 engine is used. 

The dialog above illustrates the Bioretention input. Each tab allows for the input of appropriate variables. Here, the Surface variables are entered (i.e. roughness, slope, etc.). For bioretention, the tabs include Surface, Soil, Storage, and Underdrain variables. 

The second tab in the Bioretention dialog is displayed above. As shown, each tab allows for the input of the associated variables for each layer, or section of the facility. All the LID features are configured in a similar fashion.