Welcome to Innovyze's XPSWMM stormwater and wastewater decision support system. XPSWMM is a link-node model that performs hydrologic, hydraulic, and quality analysis of stormwater and wastewater drainage systems, including sewage treatment plants, water quality control devices, and Best Management Practices (BMP's).

This software package utilizes sophisticated graphical tools together with associated Geographical Information Systems and CAD. XPSWMM may be used to model the full hydrologic cycle from stormwater and wastewater flow and pollutant generation to the simulation of the hydraulics in any combined system of open and/or closed conduits with any boundary conditions.

This manual details the installation of XPSWMM. If you follow all the steps outlined in the following pages, you will have a successful installation. If you have any problems throughout your installation, please consult the Troubleshooting Section in this manual or contact Innovyze Technical Support.

To maximize your investment, Innovyze encourages your participation at one of our regular detailed training workshops. The schedule for public workshops is found at www.innovyze.com.

The Getting Started Training Material provides you with a basic introduction to modeling applications of XPSWMM. The set of tutorials will also act as an overview for most of the model building and result presentation tools. The graphic images and the text instructions assume the installation of XPSWMM in the default folder C:\Program Files\Innovyze\xpswmm2019.1. This root folder of the installation may be different in your case, and therefore you should make any necessary adjustments when searching for files to complete the tutorials.

Regardless of the selected root folder, a Template folder is located in the main XPSWMM folder. To download additional Templates, Sample files, or the Getting Started Guide files, please visit the Resource Downloads.