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For floating license, the license administrator needs to be installed on a server first. Once the license server is up and running, install the XPSWMM on the client machine, and then you can apply the Thales software license. Click the topics below for detailed instructions.

Install XPSWMM

  1. In the main screen, click Next to start the XPSWMM installation process.

  2. Review the License Agreement and select the check box to accept the terms and activate the Next button. Click Next.

  3. On the Setup Type screen, select the Thales Software License (Fixed or Floating) option. Click Next.

  4. The shortcuts to the desktop and the start menu will be added by default. You can customize them by clearing the options. Click Next.

  5. Browse to the folder where the program will be installed. Click Next.

  6. Click Install to continue with the installation.

  7. When the installation is completed, click Finish.

Apply Thales Software License

  1. Before starting XPSWMM, you need to first apply software license in the network server using the Innovyze License Administrator.
  2. Start XPSWMM by clicking the icon on the desktop. 
  3. In the splash screen, click the License Selection button.

  4. Choose the options available for your license bundle in the License Selection dialog. For floating (network) license server setup, select Network. This allows you to search and select the licenses available in the network. 

  5. In Network License Server, manually enter a server name or address. Click Refresh and the server will be searched for licenses.

  6. A list of all licenses connected to the server is displayed in the Available Licenses section. The numbers in brackets represent the number of seats in total, followed by the number of seats in use. Select the license from the list and then click OK to apply the license.

    Note: When this option is selected, you are required to Apply Software License using the Innovyze License Administrator in the network server.

If you run into issues, refer to Troubleshooting Common Installation Errors for more information.