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Use this option to export an XPSWMM model to an EPASWMM 5 model. A file xxxx.inp will be created where xxxx = xpswmm file name in the same folder as the XPSWMM file. To access this tool, go to File > Import/Export Data > Export to EPASWMM 5.

The XPSWMM model may contain features that the EPA SWMM 5.0 software does not support. In addition, the EPA SWMM calculation engine is different than the XPSWMM calculation. Because of this, some results from XPSWMM may vary from that of EPA SWMM.

The name of the file created and the number of objects and tables created are reported.


A text file xxxx.elf will be created in the project folder which reports features in the XPSWMM model that could not exported.

An EPA SWMM 5 project file is a plain text file that contains all of the model data and the options used to analyze it. The file is organized in sections, where each section begins with a keyword enclosed in brackets. The keywords are:

[TITLE] project title

[OPTIONS] analysis options

[REPORT] output reporting instructions

[FILES] interface file options

[RAINGAGES] rain gage information

[HYDROGRAPHS] unit hydrograph data used to construct RDII inflows

[EVAPORATION] evaporation data

[TEMPERATURE] air temperature and snow melt data

[SUBCATCHMENTS] basic subcatchment information

[SUBAREAS] subcatchment impervious/pervious sub-area data

[INFILTRATION] subcatchment infiltration parameters

[AQUIFERS] groundwater aquifer parameters

[GROUNDWATER] subcatchment groundwater parameters

[SNOWPACKS] subcatchment snow pack parameters

[JUNCTIONS] junction node information

[OUTFALLS] outfall node information

[DIVIDERS] flow divider node information

[STORAGE] storage node information

[CONDUITS] conduit link information

[PUMPS] pump link information

[ORIFICES] orifice link information

[WEIRS] weir link information

[OUTLETS] outlet link information

[XSECTIONS] conduit, orifice, and weir cross-section geometry

[TRANSECTS] transect geometry for conduits with irregular cross-sections

[LOSSES] conduit entrance/exit losses and flap valves

[CONTROLS] rules that control pump and regulator operation

[POLLUTANTS] pollutant information

[LANDUSES] land use categories

[COVERAGES] assignment of land uses to subcatchments

[BUILDUP] buildup functions for pollutants and land uses

[WASHOFF] washoff functions for pollutants and land uses

[TREATMENT] pollutant removal functions at conveyance system nodes

[INFLOWS] external hydrograph/pollutograph inflow at nodes

[DWF] baseline dry weather sanitary inflow at nodes

[PATTERNS] periodic variation in dry weather inflow

[RDII] rainfall-derived I/I information at nodes

[LOADINGS] initial pollutant loads on subcatchments

[CURVES] x-y tabular data referenced in other sections

[TIMESERIES] time series data referenced in other sections

The sections can appear in any order and not all sections must be present. A portion of a sample file is shown below.

Example EPA SWMM 5.0 Project
START_DATE  8/6/2007
END_TIME  18:00
WET_STEP  00:15:00
DRY_STEP  01:00:00
ROUTING_STEP  00:05:00
;;Name Format Interval SCF DataSource SourceName ;;=========================================================
;;Name Raingage Outlet Area %Imperv Width Slope
AREA1  GAGE1  NODE1  2  80.0  800.0 1.0
AREA2  GAGE1  NODE2  2  75.0  50.0 1.0
;;Subcatch N_Imp N_Perv S_Imp S_Perv %ZER RouteTo ;;=====================================================
AREA1  0.2  0.02  0.02  0.1  20.0  OUTLET
AREA2  0.2  0.02  0.02  0.1  20.0  OUTLET
;;Subcatch Suction Conduct InitDef
AREA1  4.0  1.0  0.34
AREA2  4.0  1.0  0.34
 ;;Name Elev
NODE1 10.0
NODE2 10.0
NODE3 5.0
NODE4 5.0
NODE6 1.0
NODE7  2.0

 EPA SWMM 4.4 and 5.0 files may be converter to XPX files using the standalone EPA-SWMM Data File Reader. This program may be accessed via the Tools -> Launch Application menu.