The following error message is received:

Could not find a matching dongle.
Sentinel Superpro:
Error 12: Driver not installed


  1. Use Sentinel AdvancedMedic to identify that the virtual machine and USB are working.
    1. Open Sentinel AdvancedMedic.

    2. Run the network test:

    3. Once entering the Sentinal AdvanceMedic: 

      • The first three (Ping to GatewayPing to Sentinel Server machine, and Sentinel Protection Server) should all be green and the SuperPro/UltraPro should also be green.  

      • The other two (Sentinel Key Server and Sentinel Hardware Key) Innovyze does not use.  These returning red or X should be okay.

  2. Convert Standalone to Network. The client machine needs to change the INI file to be a Network, and the XCF needs to be a Network XCF.

    1. Check the INI file - Check if the client machine INI file fail the Network and IP address.

    2. Run XPDiagnotics -  Check that the XCF file is not a Floating license. 

    3. Replace the XCF with a Floating license.