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This section describes the general philosophy behind the graphical XP environment and outlines the basic design features of the XPSWMM modeling package. It is a good starting point for any new users of any of the XP series of programs.

The first step after launching XPSWMM is to either open or create a database. The primary file that is opened (existing) or created (new) is a database with a .XP extension, which signifies that it is for XPSWMM.

The user may select one of the following options:

  1. Open a new database:
    1. Create a new (blank) database. A subsequent step allows the selection of the modelling units.
    2. Use the Setup Wizard to create a new database. Wizard allows selection of units and model defaults.
    3. Create a new database from a template. The new file inherits all data and properties in the template.

  2. Navigate (browse) to an existing database and open.