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XPSWMM and XPStorm can import CAD files into the model and modify the display properties of the selected layers.

This page contains the following topics:

Adding CAD Layers

  1. On the Layer Control panel, right-lick the CAD Files layer and then select Load CAD File

  2. In the Add CAD file dialog, locate the CAD file (*.dxf, *.dwg or *.dgn). Select it, and click Open.
  3. After adding the CAD files, verify the files as they will appear in the Layer Control panel.

CAD Layer Properties

  1. In the Layer Control panel, right-click the specific CAD file layer and then select Properties

  2. Select or clear the specific properties in the CAD File Properties dialog.

    You can use the A->Z or Z->A buttons to sort the CAD File Properties in ascending or descending order, respectively.
  3. Click OK.