Innovyze provides you the option to customize and automate the installation through an msi installer, making it possible quickly deploy the software across multiple workstations through the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).  


All Prerequisites must be installed prior to using the msi installer. You must also use a command prompt with elevated (administrator) privileges.

Supported Switches and Options

Using the msi file in the command line follows this form: 

msiexec.exe <install_option> <path_to_package or package_name> [display_options] [additional_parameters]

Additional information on the install options and switches used with msi installers can be found on the Microsoft website.

The following are the additional parameters used specifically within Innovyze:




Required for NetworkClient installs.

The address of the server that has the Sentinel network dongle.


Required for Standalone and NetworkClient installs.

The full path to the xcf license configuration file.


Always required for installs. Use one of the following types:

  • Standalone
  • NetworkClient
  • NetworkServer

Optional. The folder to install the application to. Otherwise, it will install to a default location such as (on a 64 bit system):

C:\Program Files\Innovyze\xpswmm2019.1


Install scenarioCommand line
Quiet installation of standalone version, with no visible user interface
msiexec /i xpswmm2019.1.msi /quiet /qn CMDLINE_SETUP_TYPE=Standalone LICENSE_FILE_PATH="C:\xpswmm.xcf"
Passive (unattended) network client installation msiexec /i xpswmm2019.1.msi /passive CMDLINE_SETUP_TYPE=NetworkClient LICENSE_FILE_PATH="C:\xpswmm.xcf" LICENSE_SERVER_ADDRESS=

Quiet uninstall with basic user interface

msiexec /x xpswmm2019.1.msi /qb

*The above examples assume that the commands are being entered in the same folder where the msi and license files are located.