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2D hydraulic infiltration can be applied to the model, termed transmission loss, to differentiate from Infiltration within the Runoff Mode. 

This 2D infiltration or transmission loss can be applied to the model using the Green Ampt, Horton, and Initial/continuing loss methodologies. These loss values are applied in Configuration > Global Data > (2D) Soil Type.


You may select the transmission loss method to either Initial/Continuing Loss Method, Horton Method, or Green-Ampt Method. If the Initial and Continuing Loss method is selected, only the initial and continuing loss must be set, the other input data can be left blank or as default. For the Horton Method, provide the initial loss, initial loss rate, exponential decay rate, and final loss rate. For the Green-Ampt method, a maximum ponding depth (ft, m) must be set. 

The various Soil Parameters may be set with user defined Porosity, Suction, Initial Moisture, and Hydraulic Conductivity. Standards from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Soil Types may also be used.