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2D model objects can be created by either manually drawing the shape(s) or by importing from a GIS file, either a *.shp file or *.mid/*.mif files.

To manually add a polygon:

  1. Highlight the given layer in the Layer Control Panel.
  2. Select the polygon tool  from the Object Creation Tools set. The cursor will show the polygon shape.
  3. Draw the outline of the given area by clicking on each vertex. Double click to complete the polygon. The polygon and the grid will be visible.

To manually add a polyline:

  1. Turn the Snap Mode on.
  2. Highlight 1D/2D Interface on the Layer Control Panel
  3. Select the polyline tool from the Object Creation Tools. The cursor will show the polyline shape.
  4. Move the mouse to the first vertex of an active 2D polygon and left click. If the cursor is not on a vertex, XPSWMM will report “Not Vertex.”
  5. Left click on each vertex. Double click on the last vertex.
  6. Alternatively, after the first vertex is selected, hold the shift key down, move the mouse to the end of the polyline and double click. The 1D/2D interface will include all vertices between the first and last (following the Active 2D Area polygon in a clockwise direction). To construct a 1D/2D interface in a counter clockwise direction, use the <Ctrl> key.

To import polygons/polylines from a shape or *.mid/*.mif file:

  1. Select the desired layer in the Layer Control Panel and right click. 
  2. Select Import from GIS/CAD file…
  3. Navigate to the target shape file or *.mif file
  4. To filter the object in the shape file, select field in the Property Name drop list and list the value for polygons/polygons to be selected. Check the box next to Import Selected Data.
  5. Click on Import.  

To modify a Polygon/Polyline:

  1. Make sure that the layer to be modified is visible (check mark in layer control panel), not locked and is selected in the Layer Control Panel.
  2. Select the pointer tool from the Object Creation Toolbar and select the polygon/polyline shape.
  3. Move the cursor to the blue circle on the polygon rotation handle and left click. Its appearance will change to a curved arrow. Hold the left button down to rotate a grid polygon.
  4. Move the cursor over a vertex. It will change to a 4-arrowed cross
    1. To move a vertex, hold the left button down and drag.
    2. To delete a vertex, right click and select delete.
  5. Move the cursor over a line segment and right click to access the pop-up menu. Select an option:
    1. Properties
    2. Insert a vertex
    3. Delete selected polygon/polyline
    4. Regenerate grid as minimum area rectangle