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What is xprafts 

xprafts is a robust runoff routing model that is used extensively throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region for hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of stormwater drainage and conveyance systems. xprafts simulates both urban and rural catchments ranging in size between a single house allotment up to thousands of square kilometer river systems. xprafts includes components to model all types of sub-catchments, natural and artificial storages of any size as well as channel and river storage throughout the catchment.


xprafts will enable you to perform hydrologic watershed assessment with ease and flexibility. Tracking water from rainfall, through channels, ponds and WSUD structures, xprafts will give you an accurate analysis of watershed flow response.

With xprafts, you can model:

  • Natural waterways, formalised channels, pipe systems
  • Retarding and retention basins
  • Urban drainage systems
  • On-site detention (OSD), community or regional level detention systems
  • Interconnected ponds
  • Flood forecasting, dambreak and subsequent floodplain management activities
  • Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) and resulting Probable Maximum Flood (PMF)
  • Continuous flow simulation using historical storm events and Philip’s full water balance infiltration model