A user defined file type can be specified for use with User Defined Storms or Hydrographs. It includes information about how the file is set up to enable XPRafts to read the data. One of the Fields must be Rainfall or Flow.


Number of Header Lines. Enter the number of lines at the beginning of the file, that are to be ignored.

Free Format (CSV). A flag indicating the file is in free format (i.e. comma separated).

Introduce Time Interval. A flag indicating the file has no date or time fields (or that the fields are to be ignored). This flag would be turned on if the file is simply a list of flows.

Start Date. Enter the date of the first value in the file. The date should be in the date format specified in the  The .ini File  file (e.g. dd/mm/yy).

Start Time. Enter the time of the first value in the file.

Start Time. Enter the time interval (decimal minutes) between the values in the file.

Field Information. Enter the Station (STN), Flow (cms), rainfall (mm), Date (in a variety of formats), Time (in a variety of formats) or enter a dummy field to ignore a record. If the file is in fixed format (i.e. not Free Format) enter the field width (the number of characters wide the column is). Otherwise leave this field blank.