The Standard Toolbar includes standard Windows icons (i.e. open, save, etc.) and five icons specific to XPRafts. Hovering over each icon will show its tooltip name. 

New File

This icon is used to create a new database .

Open File

This icon is used to  open an existing database .

Save File

This icon is used to Save.

Print Network

Prints the current view of the network to the default Windows printer.

Copy Data

Copies the current selection into an internal buffer. This data is then available for "pasting" into a further selection of network objects. This "Copy-Paste" mechanism is an extremely effective way of generating data or making modifications to a large number of objects.

Paste Data

Copies the data from the internal buffer to the currently selected objects. For data to be successfully transferred between objects, both source and destination must be of the same class and type. Thus, circular node data can only be pasted into circular node data.

After the "Paste" operation, the number of objects and database records affected are reported. Paste cannot be undone in this version - except in XP Tables.

The copy buffer may be pasted into multiple objects by holding down the <Shift> key to make a multiple selection and then selecting "Paste" from the Edit Menu.

Data can also be pasted between databases. See Using the Copy Paste Buffer for a more detailed description of this facility.

Lock Node PositionsEnables the user to 'lock' the node position after creation to avoid erroneous relocation during selection processes.
Lock Catchment PolygonsEnables the user to 'lock' the catchment polygon vertices to avoid erroneous relocation during selection processes.
Show Node LabelsHides/displays node labels.
Show Link LabelsHides/displays link labels.
Show Catchment PolygonsHides/displays catchment polygons.