Spreadsheet information may be imported by adding the $TABLE keyword to the spreadsheet file, then creating a CSV (comma separated variable) file and importing this file using the XPX import feature.

The format comprizes a set of commands (keywords) followed by parameters. The commands allow the creation of objects (nodes,links), and assigning of data to these objects.

External data may be imported via the “Import Data...” command under the “Special” menu. The command prompts the user for a text filename with a suggested “.XPX” extension (to indicate an XP-Exchange format file). Once a file is selected, the data specifications in that file are imported into the XP network and database.

To obtain the “Field Name” and “Instance” for database fields, you need to use the “Get Field Info” facility in XP. To do this, the database field is first selected by holding down the <CTRL> key and clicking in the dialog item linked to it with the mouse (this is the same preamble as COPYing a data item prior to PASTEing). Then, press the <ALT> key and the <I> key simultaneously to “Get Info” on the selected data item. A dialog window pops up, displaying the info you need. You can get help on this dialog in the usual way by holding down the <ALT> key and clicking on the item of interest with the mouse.