The practical implementation of any project involving storm and wastewater management is not a trivial task. Depending on the degree of complexity, it may require an expert hydrologist knowledgeable in modelling techniques, a hydraulic expert knowledgeable in the modelling of free surface and pressure flow networks. It may also require the expertise of an environmental engineer to assess pollutant buildup, wash-off and diffusion, and a computer specialist to prepare the data files and coordinate the execution of various modules of the computer program.

It requires the coordinated efforts of all these experts to select the appropriate modelling options, to select appropriate values for input parameters, to evaluate and interpret model output, and to diagnose possible malfunctions of the drainage system and suggest remedies.

In actual projects, depending on the complexity of the problem, the calibration work can take several weeks or more. The Innovyze environment is designed to minimise the need for human experts and to guide the engineer or scientist through the intricacies of a particular numerical model. Its aim is to improve productivity by increasing the efficiency of data entry, eliminating data errors through expert checking, and the using decision support graphics and interpretation tools. The entire suite of tools creates a decision support system for the numerical model.

The main components of an XPRafts model are the Graphical User Interface, The Model Structure, Philosophy, and the Strategy.