To select a picture, click the Select Picture icon from the toolbar and click anywhere on the picture. The picture will then be highlighted with a hatched pattern to indicate it has been selected. To move a picture first select it, then continue to hold down the left mouse button and drag the picture to its new location. The location where you first clicked is the "hot-spot" of the picture.

To resize a picture, first select the picture. With the mouse drag any of the picture "handles" located in the corner of the picture or in the middle of each of the four rectangular line segments. A dotted rectangle tracks the mouse's movements and indicates the final size of the picture.

Alternatively the picture attributes, ie. its bounding rectangle, can be modified by highlighting the picture and then selecting the Picture Properties from the toolbar. This will cause the dialog box below to be displayed and new coordinates may be entered. This dialog also contains a flag to show or alternatively hide the background drawing.

Note that backgrounds created from .DXF or .DWG files cannot be moved or re-sized.