Pop-up menus provide shortcuts to some of the more commonly used menu commands.

To display pop-up menus, click the right mouse button on the object (Node, Link or Diversion) to be altered. The content of the pop-up menu will depend on the type of object selected. The appropriate menu item is then selected in the normal way.

To cancel the pop-up menu, click outside the region of the menu, or press the <Esc> key on your keyboard. 

Node Pop-up Menu
Link Pop-up Menu
Diversion Pop-up Menu

Node Popup Menu

Link Popup Menu

Diversion Popup Menu

When a Attributes for a single object is modified, the change is local to that object. When the display attributes for a tool are modified any subsequently created objects of that type inherit the tool's characteristics, but previously created objects do not.

Notes can be added or altered from the pop-up menu and a bitmap image attached to the node as a Picture File can be displayed using the View Image command.

A link type may be changed from a Single Conduit to a Multiple Conduit or vice versa by selecting the appropriate item from the pop-up menu.

If a link is already selected and the <Ctrl> key is held down and the link clicked on with the mouse, the link will change to a  Polylink and a vertex will be inserted at the location where the mouse was clicked. Ensure that the link is NOT highlighted before attempting to pop-up a menu.