A polylink is a special type of link that has vertices between the two end-nodes. It may be used to define the path of a river, or to indicate a curved pipe, or in any situation where the end-nodes are not connected in a straight path. To create a polylink, select the link tool as normal and hold the <Ctrl> key down while clicking at the location at which you want a vertex.

An existing link may be converted to a polylink by holding down the <Ctrl> key and clicking on an existing highlighted link. To re-shape a link drag the vertex of the highlighted link to the new location and release the mouse button. To delete a vertex hold down the <Ctrl> and <Shift> keys and click on the vertex you wish to delete.

Note that the network may be re-scaled or panned without the need of re-selecting the pointer tool. See Panning Around the Network and Re-scaling the Network Window for more details.