This menu command is used to create a new database or network.  There are two options, Blank Job or Create From Template.

Upon selecting Blank Job , a dialog box requesting the name of the new database appears.  If the name of an existing file is entered, confirmation to overwrite it is requested and, if granted, the existing file is destroyed.

The program then displays the name of the new empty database in the window title and proceeds to enable and disable appropriate menu commands.  Only one database can be active at any one time.  Although not mandatory, it is good practice to give the new file a .XP extension.  This makes retrieval of the file more straightforward when using the Open command.

Every XPRafts file is based on a template.  A template determines the basic structure for a file and may contain settings such as, fonts, XP Table Settings, Spatial Report and Graphical Encoding settings, Job Control parameters, rainfall data and many other parameters used by XPRafts.

Select the Create From Template option and after the new file is created, the following dialog will appear.

Navigate to the location of the template and click on Open.