The Profile/Lateral Inflows dialog describes details about the channel in views perpendicular and parallel to the cross section. The Long Section represents the total length of all the individual slopes in a channel. The information provided in this dialog help determine the effects of the entire channel on peak flow and travel time. You are required to input the total length of the channel in meters. 

Mean Channel Slope - Enter the average value of the channel slopes in this field.

Mean Lateral inflow Width (W1 + W2) - Sets the value of the actual lateral inflow width for both sides of the channel, represented as W1 and W2 in the diagram. The Mean Lateral Inflow Width is the sum of the average W1 and W2 in meters.

Lateral inflow Rainfall loss - Enter or select the value of the lateral rainfall loss due to the nature of the channel. If the channel is completely impervious, there is no loss of rainfall. Click this button and select from the available Init./Cont. Losses in the Select dialog. You can also Create, Edit, or Delete rainfall loss patterns as needed.

Manual Reach Subdivision

The Manual Reach Subdivision button launches a dialog where you can manually input the data for each slope of the routing channel. In the dialog, enter the width for each individual channel in meters, and enter the corresponding slope in %.

Click Graph to view the graphical representation of the Manual Subdivision dialog. The graph represents the values of the width versus the slope. You can click the Print Graph button to print your results.