XPRafts is available on a DVD, USB drive or as a web download. 

You must be logged in on Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10 with Administrator privileges. When you plug in the USB, it should automatically launch the following screen.


If this does not occur, access the screen by running Start_xprafts.exe from the USB drive or DVD. Select the Install option on the menu.

If you downloaded the installer, run the file xprafts2018.1.1.exe.

1.1 Starting the Installation

  1. On the main screen, click Install.

  2. In the User Account Control dialog, click Yes

    The installer extracts the framework components. 

  3. Click Next to start the XPRafts 2018.1.1 installation process.

  4. Review the License Agreement and select I accept the terms in the License Agreement. Click Next

  5. Browse to the folder where you want to install the program. Click Next.

  6. Browse to the location of your configuration file, xprafts.xcf. It is found on the USB when you purchased XPRafts or attached to an email if you purchased an upgrade. Click Select
  7. Click Next to continue.
  8. Click Install to complete the installation.

  9. When the installation is completed, click Finish.

  10. The final dialog indicates that XPRafts has been installed. Click Close.

1.2 Configuring the Setup Type

  1. Open XPRafts. 
  2. In the Sentinel Lock Not Found dialog, click the Sentinel Lock Configuration button.

  3. Select whether to use Local or Network configuration type.
    1. Local - Select this option when you have a dongle plugged into your computer.
    2. Network - Select this option and then enter the Server name or IP address for the license server.

  4. Click the Test button to check if the dongle is connected to your computer (if you have chosen the Local option) or to verify if the Server name/IP address is connected to a sentinel lock (if you have chosen the Network option).

    A dialog will indicate if the test has passed or failed.
  5. Click OK.