Welcome to XPRafts urban and rural runoff routing software package. XPRafts is a link-node model that performs hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of stormwater drainage and conveyance systems including Best Management Practices (BMP’s) such as Onsite Detention (OSD).

This software package utilizes sophisticated graphical tools together with associated data and graphic files from Geographical Information Systems and CAD.

XPRafts is a full 32-bit software package for Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10. XPRafts is suitable for application on catchments ranging from rural to fully urbanised. There are no specific limitations on catchment size (it has been successfully used for onsite detention and on catchments in excess of 20,000 km2). The program is capable of analysing watersheds comprising natural waterways, formalised channels or pipes, retarding and retention basins, and any combination of these.

The program can also be used to evaluate the effects of floods on major storage dams and the effect of a dam break on a watershed. It can also simulate the attenuating effects of channel and floodplain storage on flood waters and assist the formulation of drainage strategies on developed or developing catchments. XPRafts is also used to facilitate flow forecasting and subsequent flood plan management activities.

The model also allows the rapid design of networks with retarding or retention basins, giving great flexibility in the sizing of outlets and emergency spillways to meet optimum requirements. XPRafts can be run in either an event or continuous mode with rainfall inputs from design or historic data including the aerial distribution over the watersheds.

This guide details the installation of XPRafts. If you follow all steps outlined in this guide, you will have a successful installation. If you have any problems throughout the course of your installation, please consult the section Troubleshooting Your Installation or contact Innovyze Technical Support.

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