This window allows users to import HydSys Rainfall and Streamflow data. 

HYDSYS type Rainfall and Streamflow Data Importation

  • Version 2.70 and later reads HYDSYS rainfall and streamflow data from disk.
  • The file format is explained below. It is a simple ASCII file which has been generated by the HYDSYS data archiving system as a report file. In this manner any time series data storage and retrieval system that can output formatted ASCII files can be used to export rainfall or streamflow data to XP-RAFTS.

Rainfall/Streamflow File example:

Station Variable Year Month Day Hr Min Value
A8 f7.0I4I2I2I2I2f12.0

The variable defines whether the value is rainfall (mm) or runoff (m3/s). Variable=10=Rainfall, Variable=140=Runoff.

The XPRafts simulation period must occur after the start of the first file date/time record. If the simulation period extends past the date in the record zero values are assumed for the remainder of the simulation.

One file can contain all of the rainfall and streamflow stations likely to be utilized in the simulation or separate files for each station and variable type can be utilized if preferred.

Current HydSys File Size Restrictions: XPRafts currently allows editing of up to 10,000 data points. Using the Protected Mode version of XPRafts run durations that use up to 5,000 variable time-step values may be solved. Limits for the Real Mode version are memory dependent but will be considerably less than these values.