The conduit may be defined as a Circular conduit, non-circular conduit or a Box culvert.

If the Hec-2 cross section option is selected you will be required to enter the channel shape as a table of horizontal station positions and vertical elevations. The station positions of the left and right overbanks must also be entered.

The model computes channel hydraulic properties in a manner compatible with the default behaviour of Hec-2. All parts of the cross-section below the water level are assumed to be conveying flow. The ends of the cross-section are assumed to be extended vertically with frictionless walls. If data for the channel already exists in Hec-2 format this data can simply be read in from the Hec-2 file. 

HEC-2 Input

If an exisiting HEC-2 input file is available, use this option to load it into the system. 

Section Coordinates

The Sect Coordinates button allows users to manually enter HEC-2 section coordinates. Enter the horizontal coordinates in the Station column, and the vertical coordinates in Elevation column. Click the Graph button to view a graph of the entered coordinates.