The major graphical objects consist of a series of links and nodes. The network of nodes is connected together by links with some additional elements provided for annotation and background reference. The XP environment supports the following types of objects.





Used to represent physical objects such as manholes, inlets, ponds, outfalls, or junctions of various links such as natural channels or closed conduits.


Connections between nodes, they may be physical elements, or only indicative of a connection eg. pipes, channels, overland flow paths, pumps, etc.


Lines of text used for labelling purposes.


Bounded by a dashed rectangle a network backdrop is a pre-defined drawing, created via a CAD package such as AutoCAD®, each background graphic is a single object. Current background graphic types supported include HPGL, DXF and DWG

Each element of the network has certain editable spatial and display attributes and a unique name. Display attributes include the color and line thickness of the object. Five standard colors are supported; black, red, green, blue, and yellow. Three line thicknesses are provided: thin, medium, and thick. Spatial attributes include the position and dimensions of the object. Images and text notes can also be attached to nodes through the attribute dialog.