Selecting the File Input button on the Node Data Control window allows users to specify a file from which the hydrograph coordinates are read. 

The following indicates the format specifications of the ASCII text file for both local and total upstream hydrographs. This file is also generated when the RAFTS Local Hydrograph or RAFTS Total Hydrograph options are chosen under "Hydrograph Export" at a node.

Start of File
JOB, NLKS, NVAL, DT (3i5, g12.5)
Repeat next two lines for NLKS linksfor each
Linkno. Linklab (g10.2, a10)stacked
Q(k), I = 1, nval (5g12.5)
End of File

The following defines the parameters in the file:

JOB = Storm event number
NLKS = No of tagged links in file
NVAL = No of routing increments in minutes
DT = Length of routing increment in minutes
Linkno = Link number of tagged hydrographs
Linklab = Hydrograph ordinates in m3/s

Note: All hydrographs refer to input at the top of the link before basin routing.