The "Edit" menu lists commands for undoing, re-doing, and standard editing, plus some additional commands for copying and pasting selected node and link data.

This menu deals with management of both the graphical attributes and data associated with the network. This data comprises the attributes of network objects required by the specific model. For example, pipe diameters, catchment areas, plus text fonts, sizes, colours, etc.

Cut Data

Performs a "Copy" and then a "Clear" operation on the currently selected link or node data. Data may be copied from one or multiple selected object(s). If multiple objects are selected, restrictions are placed on the "paste" command. See Section 4 for a more detailed description of this facility.

Copy Data

Copies the current selection into an internal buffer. This data is then available for "pasting" into a further selection of network objects. This "Copy-Paste" mechanism is an extremely effective way of generating data or making modifications to a large number of objects. 

Paste Data

Copies the data from the internal buffer to the currently selected objects. For data to be successfully transferred between objects, both source and destination must be of the same class and type. Thus, circular node data can only be pasted into circular node data.

After the "Paste" operation, the number of objects and database records affected are reported. "Paste" cannot be undone in this version.

The copy buffer may be pasted into multiple objects by holding down the <Shift> key to make a multiple selection and then selecting "Paste" from the Edit Menu.

Data can also be pasted between databases. See Section 4 for a more detailed description of this facility.

Clear Data

Deletes all the attribute data from the current selection. The objects are left in an empty state, as if just created. The graphical attributes, such as name, colour, and line type are unaffected.

This operation can be undone. When attribute data is deleted it is not permanently erased and recovery is possible.

Delete Objects

Removes the current selection from the network and all associated database information. Note that from the definition of a link it cannot exist without end nodes; thus, removing either of a link's end nodes will remove the link also.

Note that this operation cannot be undone in the current version of XP.

Edit Data

Allows direct editing of the link or node attribute data for the selected object. This is an alternative to "double-clicking" on an object with the mouse. Note that only a single object at a time can be edited this way.

The dialog that appears will depend on the current mode and whether a Link Data or Node Data has been selected. 


The  Attributes menu command allows users to edit the name, coordinates and, display properties of the currently selected single object.


Using the Notes menu command, users can attach notes to Links and Nodes.