The General Basin Data window is where users can view and set details on Initial Basin conditions, Volume Routing Increments, Non-routed Baseflow, and Baseflow Lag Time.

Initial Basin Inflow

Basin inflow (m^3/s) at start of simulation. Used only when assessing partially full basin.

Initial Water Level

Initial Basin Water Level (m) at beginning of the simulation.

Initial Basin Outflow

Initial Basin Outflow (m^3/s) at the beginning of the simulation to align with total level/discharge relationship and assumed initial water level in basin.

Volume Routing Increment

Volume routing increment (m3). The default value is 200 m3.

Consideration should be given to decreasing or increasing this volume to either maintain numerical stability in small basins or decrease computing time in bigger basins respectively.

A desirable volume routing increment should be less then 10% of expected Max. Basin Storage for numerical stability, and greater than 0.001% of the same to avoid time consuming basin routing simulations.

Non-Routed Baseflow

Non-routed baseflow under basin usually in underground conduit.

The non-routed discharge is optionally subtracted from the total inflow hydrograph to the basin so separate routing can occur. The basin outflow hydrograph is the combination of the routed surface flow plus the non-routed (but lagged) non-routed flow.

It is possible to examine the separate outflows under the full text outflow option.

Baseflow Lag Time

Lag time of non-routed baseflow through basin (minutes).