There are currently six advanced options available for use with the OSD module. Each value entered on appropriate line (1-6) top to bottom.


If set to (1) then the upper orifice outlet will be set at the base level along side the lower (primary) outlet. The upper (secondary) outlet will be within a glory hole type vertical pit so entry will occur around perimeter of pit top opening. At a stage equal to OWHT. The primary outlet will discharge proportional to driving head while the secondary outlet will commence discharging at full FOSDSPSD during stages above OWHT as if it is operating with HED.

If Advpram1 set to (0) (the default) then the upper orifice will be assumed to be positioned normally (OWHT) above the OSD base. In this case the lower orifice and upper orifice will discharge proportionally to the driving head above each.


OSD depth at start of simulation as percentage and relates to O2WHT.


This is the assumed water depth in the water storage portion of the water tank at the commencement of a simulation run. The value is expressed as a percentage of the total water storage portion.


Advprams 4, 5 and 6 are the parameters associated with the base infiltration component of the normal RAFTS retarding basin discharge.

This parameter is the infiltration rate (m/hr). (hcon)


This parameter is the clogged base thickness (m). (clog)


This parameter is the shallow water table depth (m). (wtdep)

The Advanced Parameters button will only be enabled in the Node Data dialog if OPT_RAF_NODE_ADV_BTN is set to ON in the xprafts.ini file.