With the release of InfoWater Pro, Innovyze is delivering the next-generation of InfoWater, a significant refined product which is using the latest technology provided by the ArcGIS Pro platform and is specifically designed to provide existing InfoWater users with a like-for-like upgrade path from InfoWater to the newer, more powerful InfoWater Pro.

InfoWater Pro is not a regular maintenance upgrade for InfoWater: it’s been given a new name to make clear that the new software is our next-generation Water Supply tools.  The software builds on the ground work laid by the InfoWater product over the last many years, but it’s so much more than a simple upgrade in that it provides:

  • ArcGIS Pro platform and 64-bit technology - huge improvement on standard GIS functionality like zooming, panning, etc. enhancing user experience;
  • New Look - A new ribbon interface replaces the traditional menu bar and toolbars. This is now much more intuitive to use, reducing needs for training;
  • Improved 3D View - Advanced 3D representation of the topology of the network to easily identify critical areas to focus on;
  • More Apps than ever - Any existing customer upgrading from InfoWater Basic or Suite can benefit of the new license bundling which provides more dedicated Apps than ever before;
  • Easy model conversion - Easy model upgrade/downgrade, allowing customers to move models between InfoWater and InfoWater Pro