Release Notes for InfoWater Pro 3.0

These release notes describe the new feature improvements for our current release of InfoWater Pro 3.0.

  • You can save a local .aprx file to your server environment with a new Project Synchronization tool. To read instructions on how to save your local modeling file to your server environment, go to Project Synchronization help documentation.
  • You can download the latest software license with the newest feature in InfoWater Pro. 

  • When Map Display does table joins with hydraulic output tables, some map operations were slowed down significantly when the model was very large. In this new release, thosemap operations preform much faster for the very large models.

  • In this release, Info360 Connect can import pattern channel records from the CSV file that is edited by users. 

  • The newly released InfoWater Pro 3.0 is compatible with ArcGIS Pro 2.6.

  • In this release, the InfoWater Pro Ribbon includes some new icons – Locate Node, Locate Link, Edit Domain, and Edit Selection.

  • In this release, the commands of Edit Active Scenario and Initial Quality are included in the Model Explorer’s toolbar.

  • When adding new elements within InfoWater Pro, the map view is locked between pop-up messages about the new ID, in order to prevent unintended digitization of elements. Furthermore, drawing new pipes only with a start and end node is also enforced.

  • The Message Board now confirms the operations applied through Domain/Facility Manager. For example, if the Domain is enlarged, cleared, or replaced through Domain Manager, the Message Board shows the messages that confirm the process when completed.

  • InfoWater Pro 3.0 can extract elevation from online elevation raster. 

  • In this release, the Stored Graph’s title issue is fixed. 

  • When exporting to EPANET, the valve setting of control valve such as PRVs was not exported correctly. This issue is now fixed.

  • For the large models, the System Schematic feature loads more efficiently without crashing. 

  • Improvements to the Map Display feature allow for better rendering of applied and re-applied map themes, particularly noticeable in larger networks.

  • Rewording for some of UDF warning and error messages, for better readability. 

  • The selection method is reset to "by cross" mode after change to select. 

  • The VSP parallel count was not being outputted, thus reporting zero (the default value). Also, regular pumps were sometimes reporting parallel VPS counts of 1 even when the status was set to closed. These inconsistencies are now fixed.

  • After redirecting the Live Data Adapter connection to a new server, InfoWater Pro would not save the path, instead it would revert to a previous connection. This has now been fixed, so that the most recent server address entered remains until changed. 

  • Defaults have been corrected in the PDD simulation settings to prevent warning message related to invalid zero values.

  • A non-specific warning dialog box would appear after modifying x and y coordinates of nodes throughout the Model Explorer. This is fixed.

  • When a UDF model has invalid IDs included in its UDF Zone selection set, the model would get hung up during sequence runs. This issue has been addressed so that the invalid IDs will be disregarded during the sequence run and allow the sequence to run through.

InfoWater Pro 3.0 - Update 1

  • A third symbol color is added (other than red and green) to represent valves closed within previous sequences. Red valves indicate valves closed in the current sequence, while green valves represent valves opened in the current sequence. Note that these valve colors are customizable. 
  • The InfoWater Pro cursor changes symbology when performing Domain or Facility operations. This is intended to differentiate from the standard cursor arrow symbol, and help the user avoid deactivating or activating facilities when intending to only select elements.
  • InfoWater Pro greys out the ribbon icon of Clear Domain when there is nothing in the domain.
  • InfoWater Pro’s PZM is now able to load a user-defined selection set as Intra-Zone Boundary.   
  • InfoWater Pro’s Run Manager displays a time stamp for the current output source.   
  • InfoWater Pro’s Report Manager adds a label to the report title to identify the data scope of Domain and Selection Set.   
  • A progress bar appeared indicating that the INP file was being generated and stored in the output file of the model.  In this update to InfoWater Pro 3.0, this function has been disabled because it is not useful information to the user.
  • The message board will automatically clear all messages after closing the current project.
  • When you evaluated Fireflow Design with critical pipe velocity constraint in previous versions of InfoWater Pro, you would find a limited result due to the methodology of finding a solution based on the most conservative constraint. In this current update to InfoWater Pro 3.0, the process is iterative, allowing the solution to meet both the critical junction and critical pipe constraints. New fireflow design solutions will attempt to meet both constraints instead of attempting to pick the most conservative constraint, assuming that the least conservative will remain unchanged.
  • The Message Board now confirms the operations applied through Domain/Facility Manager. For example, if the Domain is enlarged, cleared, or replaced through Domain Manager, the Message Board shows the messages that confirm the process when completed.
  • When you made edits within the InfoWater Pro’s Model Explorer and ran a simulation in the previous version, you may have experienced the Model Explorer getting locked up, thus preventing you to make further edits to be performed directly through the Model Explorer. This issue has been addressed in this update to InfoWater Pro 3.0.  Please note that this is a rare issue related to a machine’s system configuration.
  • When all output sources are removed from the model through the Run dialog box or by your action of deleting the .out folder, and a simulation is re-run thus re-creating the .out file, you would not be able to view the results from the output drop-down menu in the Model Explorer, unless the software was shut-down and the model was re-opened. This issue has been addressed, such that when you delete the output sources while the model is open, it will not affect the availability of the new output source generated.
  • Junction Range report related to MSX output showed incorrect values. This issue has been addressed in this update to InfoWater Pro 3.0. The values reported are correct according to the output.

Release Notes for InfoWater Pro 2.5

These release notes describe the new feature improvements for our current release of InfoWater Pro 2.5.

We will occasionally create interim updates that contain fixes and/or new features. For InfoWater Pro 2.5, we have two updates: Update 1 and Update 2 (see below for more information). You can access and install InfoWater Pro 2.5, Update 2 release from InfoWater Pro Software Downloads web page. Click on the InfoWater Pro 2.5 Update 2 Full Installer link from the InfoWater Pro Software Downloads page to install InfoWater Pro 2.5, Update 2.

InfoWater Pro 2.5 - Update 2

  • A new improvement to Map Display can be found in InfoWater Pro 2.5: Update 2. You can find more information on domain and inactive facilities map renderings in our Update 2 release documentation. 

  • You can change your Map Display settings with several new fields in the Display Settings dialog box for Map renderings. The following fields are new for InfoWater Pro 2.5, Update 2:
    • Show Pipe, Pump & Valve Initial Status - Click on this checkbox to mark all initially-closed pipes, pumps, and valves with a selected colorYou can customize your color for your initially-closed pipes, pumps, and valves in the Color dialog box.
    • Show Domain with Color Coding - Select this checkbox to allow color coding of elements in the active domain when you apply the map display.
    • Show Check Valve Direction - Enable to display an arrow on the pipes with the check valve property.
    • Apply to Domain Only - When ON, arrows are only displayed for all elements in the domain.
  • A new button can be found in InfoWater Pro 2.5: Update 2. There is a new button for Edit Domain that is located from the InfoWater Pro ribbon. 
  • Context-sensitive help is made available for InfoSurge and UDF features for this Update 2 release. Previous releases did not include this feature. To access the online help documentation within Innovyze's InfoWater Pro 2.5, Update 2 software program, press F1 whenever you desire to read more information on a certain InfoSurge and/or UDF function.

InfoWater Pro 2.5 - Update 1 

  • Updated the Terms and Conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that made some special models with zero or near-zero demands unbalanced, or that made the solver matrix system ill-conditioned.
  • Enhanced the engine report file to present relative flow errors both as a percentage and as an absolute number.
  • Removed domain Junction inclusion restriction and extended checking on non-existing domain nodes in the Skeletonizer application. You no longer have to define junctions within the domain while using Domain scope function.

InfoWater Pro 2.5

These release notes describe the new feature improvements for our current release of InfoWater Pro 2.5.

Live Data Adapter

A new feature of InfoWater Pro 2.5 is Live Data Adapter. With this new feature, you can connect to your real-time database and get raw real-time data to compare and analyze with your model simulation data. You can access this new feature from your InfoWater Pro ribbon in the Project section.

Water shortage assessment with improved pressure-dependent analyses

InfoWater Pro now allows assessing the impact of water shortages, caused by infrastructure failure or maintenance operations, with improved pressure-dependent analysis options. By assigning pressure-dependent demands, InfoWater Pro can determine the decrease in supply capacity when the network cannot provide sufficient pressure.

Whereas using the traditional demand-driven analysis would result in unrealistic negative pressures, the enhanced engine can now throttle the amount of water provided at junctions depending on the available pressure. Each junction can be assigned a different curve to determine its pressure vs. demand behavior individually. This allows to account for realistic scenarios involving diverse user types—from single family homes to industrial facilities. Moreover, for agile experimentation, a general curve can be readily assigned to all junctions, or to those in the domain or in any selection set.

The Pressure Dependent Demand options can be accessed from the Demand tab in the Simulation Options dialog. Individual curves, either exponential or user-defined, can be assigned to junctions from the Tool menu in the Model Explorer or through the DB Editor. After running a pressure-dependent simulation, supply percentages are also made available at all junctions to easily assess the systemwide impact of the reduced capacity.

Release Notes for InfoWater Pro 2.0

These release notes describe the feature improvements for Innovyze's release of InfoWater Pro 2.0.

System Schematic

A new feature of InfoWater Pro 2.0 is System Schematic. With this new feature, you can view a System Schematic panel within your model. You will be able to view a thorough graph of a water distribution network.

3D Display

A new feature of InfoWater Pro 2.0 is 3D Display. With this new feature, you can view a water model in a 3D view. 

A new way of working with models

InfoWater Pro 2.0 goes beyond the standard GIS functionality with zooming and panning, etc. in both 2D and 3D modes, for greater productivity and better user experience. The application has been improved to provide full support to 3D ArcGIS Pro functionalities, so you can now run InfoWater Pro while on 3D mode, creating map displays, generating GIS selections based on modelling results, and visually compare building elevation with simulated nodal pressure.

Pressure Zone (PMA) Summary with a new schematic view

The Pressure Zone Manager (PZM) allows for global analysis of interaction between different pressure zones on an intuitive, interactive, and easy-to-use schematic view.

Enhanced Criticality Assessment Manager (formerly Valve Criticality Manager)

You can now combine external GIS data (mainly valve layers) with modelling elements (such as pumps and pipes) to score asset criticality. Reporting tools have been also enhanced to assess network performance before and after the asset isolation alongside with a summary Pressure and Velocity Performance to identify critical assets that need special attention.

Patterns can now be made relative

This is a major improvement to the way patterns are handled within InfoWater Pro. You now have the ability to define an individual pattern's starting time in order to simulate different simulation starting times.

Open telemetry connection with external database

You can now be more confident about your models by connecting them with external telemetry data. This release will provide support to ClearSCADA databases, and more Live Data Adapters will follow. 

Support to ArcGIS Online

The InfoWater Pro 2.0 fully supports ArcGIS Online. Through the GIS Gateway, you are now able to create a water model from an ArcGIS Online data source such as asset data repository, local government water model, published hydraulic model, etc.  Using a same GIS Gate Cluster, you can also update hydraulic results back to ArcGIS Online. The 2.0 release also fully supports Utility Network.

New UDF Field Journal

You can develop flushing programs inside InfoWater Pro and analyse the impact of the single flushing operations throughout the system. Once the optimal flushing program has been confirmed, you can create advanced field journal to drive field crew operations.

In addition to these enhancements, there are client-requested enhancements, including a new way to update control from live data and enhanced Hydrant Curve reports.