These release notes describe the new feature improvements for InfoWater Pro 2.0.

A new way of working with models

InfoWater Pro 2.0 goes beyond the standard GIS functionality with zooming and panning, etc. in both 2D and 3D mode, for greater productivity and better user experience. The application has been improved to provide full support to 3D ArcGIS Pro functionalities, so you can now run InfoWater Pro while on 3D mode, creating map displays, generating GIS selections based on modelling results, and visually compare building elevation with simulated nodal pressure.

Pressure Zone (DMA) Summary with a new schematic view

The Pressure Zone Manager (PZM) allows for global analysis of interaction between different pressure zones on an intuitive, interactive, and easy to use schematic view.

Enhanced Criticality Assessment Manager (formerly Valve Criticality Manager)

You can now combine external GIS data (mainly valve layers) with modelling elements (such as pumps and pipes) to score asset criticality. Reporting tools have been also enhanced to assess network performance before and after the asset isolation alongside with a summary Pressure and Velocity Performance to identify critical assets that need special attention.

Patterns can now be made relative

This is a major improvement to the way patterns are handled within InfoWater Pro. You now have the ability define an individual pattern's starting time in order to simulate different simulation starting times.

Open telemetry connection with external database

You can now be more confident about your models by connecting them with external telemetry data. This release will provide support to ClearSCADA databases, and more Live Data Adaptors will follow.

Support to ArcGIS Online

The InfoWater Pro 2.0 fully supports ArcGIS Online. Through the GIS Gateway, you are now able to create a water model from an ArcGIS Online data source such as asset data repository, local government water model, published hydraulic model, etc.  Using a same GIS Gate Cluster, you can also update hydraulic results back to ArcGIS Online. The 2.0 release also fully support Utility Network.

New UDF Field Journal

You can develop flushing programs inside InfoWater Pro and analyse the impact of the single flushing operations throughout the system. Once the optimal flushing program has been confirmed, they can create advanced field journal to drive field crew operations.

In addition to these enhancements, there are client requested enhancements including a new way to update control from live data and enhanced Hydrant Curve reports.