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To run a calibration simulation, from the Run menu, select Start. When running the calibration routine, WQ Calibrator reports information in the Run tab dialog box. If the simulation run was unsuccessful, a descriptive message will appear in the message area explaining what needs to be corrected in the input data.



  • Water Quality - This menu item activates the Water Quality dialog box to specify the desired pipe wall coefficient groups, junction concentration field measurements, system constraints and optimization options to run a water quality model calibration.

  • Exit - Exit the WQ Calibrator dialog box.


  • Start - Launch the calibration run based on the input parameters specified and the Run tab will appear on the screen.

  • Stop - Interrupt the calibration run. You can stop the optimization at any time and review your calibration results.

  • Options - Launch the Calibration Options dialog box which controls optimization properties and simulation options. With this command you can specify the convergence parameters, advanced GA options, and the objective function type.


  • Contents - Launch the Contents tab of the WQ Calibrator online help.

  • Index - Launch the Index tab of the WQ Calibrator online help.

  • About WQ Calibrator - Launch the About WQ Calibrator dialog box which summarizes the version properties and other information.

Trial Progress

This section of the dialog box shows the trial that is being executed and the total number of trials that will be tried.

Current Trial - The current iteration number in the optimization routine. Each trial represents a new calculated set of parameters.

Maximum Trial - The maximum number of solution iterations that WQ Calibrator should employ when determining the model parameters. The maximum number of trials allowed is 500,000. This criterion is checked after each computed generation.

Fitness Statistics

This section of the dialog box represents the accuracy of the current optimization.

Maximum - The maximum value of the objective function in the current set of solutions (generation).

Minimum - The minimum value of the objective function in the current set of solutions (generation).

Average - The average value of the objective function in the current set of solutions (generation).

Simulation Performance

This section of the dialog box shows you if the solution reached has been successful according to their constraints.

Convergence Method - Define the objection (fitness) function type and the optimization convergence criteria. Three options for the objective function are available as defined later in this guide.

Fitness Threshold - Prescribe a convergence criterion for the optimization routine used to minimize the selected fitness function. The iterations end when the fitness threshold is reached. WQ Calibrator will not allow a value smaller than one-percent (0.01) to be used.

Best Fitness Reached - The best value of the objective function reached based on the user selected convergence criteria.

Result Time Stamp

This section of the dialog box lists the day and time the optimization was completed.