After you have completed a Surge analysis you will want to review the results. If the traffic light on the Run Manager did not turn green or you just want to find out more information about the status of the analysis, you can click on the Report button on the Run Manager screen to view a text report about the analysis. Please review more detailed information at General Surge Modeling Tips and Frequent Questions.

If the analysis proceeded without error (the traffic light on the Run Manager screen turned green ) the you can click on the Report Manager button in the InfoWater Pro Control Center toolbar to open the Output Report Manager. Within this screen click on the New button to create a new report or graph as shown below. Click here to learn more about the Available Report or Graph Types in InfoSurge.

Available Output Sources

The Available Output Sources section is used to select the output source for which the user wishes to generate a report or graph.  The sequence for creating a report or graph is to:

    • Select the desired output source.

    • Select the desired output report or graph for viewing.

Report/Graph Tabs

Click on the Graph or Report tab to see all the available reports and graphs.

Available Reports/Graphs Display Section

This section displays all the various Reports or Graphs that are available depending on the Output Source selected. Choose the report or graph that you want to view, Set the Data Scope to determine what elements are displayed and click on the Open button to launch it in the Output Report Manager. Click here to learn more about the Available Report or Graph Types in InfoSurge.

InfoWater Pro Output Toolbar

The InfoWater Pro Output Toolbar can be useful to display and review output data in the Map View and in the Attribute Browser windows.

Output Type - Select *Active*:Surge to display the current active Surge simulation analysis.

Output Status - Displays output status, Green = OK, Amber = OK with warnings, Red = Error not Solved.

Refresh Output Data - If checked, the output data will automatically be refreshed.

Select Simulation Time - Use the Slider or the Forward or Back arrows to select the simulation time.

Time of Simulation Output - Displays the selected simulation time.

Attribute Browser

Output Results for the currently selected simulation time is displayed in the Output section of the Attribute Browser.

Element Graphs and Reports

The Attribute Browser provides a shortcut to display graph and report surge data for individual elements. Use the Graph toolbar buttons from the Attribute Browser toolbar to display the surge output data graph for the currently selected element.

The pull-down menu allows you to select from the various solution data available for the selected element.

The Report/Graph button will allow you to switch between the graph display and the report display of the surge output data for the selected element.