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You have the ability to automatically generate specialized skeletal models (automated skeletonization) of your water system based on any specified set of parameters (e.g., all pipes with diameter greater than 12 inches).

Introduction to Skeletonizer

The Skeletonizer is a powerful extension of the Water Modeling Suite that greatly simplifies and automates the reduction of your large data models to a manageable size and ready for hydraulic analysis. Using advanced database management technology and hydraulic equivalency theory, the Skeletonizer automatically reduces excessive pipe segmentation to any desired degree of skeletonization while maintaining the hydraulic behavior of the larger, original model. It offers highly sophisticated and fully customizable reduction, merging, and trimming (RST) network skeletonization operations, including merging series pipes (and dissolving their interior nodes) based on any user-specified combination of physical attributes (e.g., similar diameter, material, and age); removing pipes less than a specified diameter; consolidating (dissimilar) parallel pipes and series pipes into a single hydraulically equivalent pipe; and trimming short pipe segments, including dead ends (branching pipes), service connections and hydrant leads. It even automatically re-allocates junction node demands (including associated demand patterns) based on either a distance-weighted, demand weighted (proportional to existing demand), or evenly distributed approach. A comprehensive, fully intelligent network topology preservation algorithm prohibits any system disconnections, ensuring network model integrity at all times.