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The Simulation Task Manager allows you to continue to work in the model while a simulation is running. The tool manages all the simulation jobs in a separate window leveraging a multi-threaded environment. The existing output data will remain accessible until the new simulation output becomes available. You can even close the current project and the simulation will continue to run. The window allows you to browse all the jobs in the queue, visualize the active simulation progress and messages, and have full control over the submitted simulation jobs including elevating their execution orders, times, priorities, or cancel any unwanted job.

The following topics provide details on Simulation Task Manager:

Simulation Task Manager description

The Simulation Task Manager main window provides summary and detailed information about simulations that have been scheduled to run with Simulation Task Manager. The summary table can be queried to find the simulations of interest by status and date scheduled. A simulation can be selected from the summary table and more detailed data can be shown in the Task Detail area.

Simulations can also be started, paused, or deleted. The priority of simulations can also be changed so that they process sooner or later than other simulations.

Description of the features of the main window:




Start Simulation

Select a simulation from the summary table and click this button to start or resume the simulation.

Pause Simulation

Select a simulation from the summary table (that is currently running) and click this button to suspend the simulation.

Abort Simulation

Select a simulation from the summary table and click this button to cancel the simulation task.

Delete Selected Simulation Task

Select a simulation task from the summary table and click the Delete button to remove the simulation task.


Click the Options button to access Simulation Task Manager options.


Click the Help button to open this online help file.


Click this button to access the version number of Simulation Task Manager.

Filter by Status / Time

Simulation Task Manager tracks all simulation tasks that have been sent to it. You can query out a subset of all these scheduled tasks into the summary table by selecting a Status and/or Time filter.

Simulation Task Summary Table

This summary table lists all the simulation tasks that have been sent to Simulation Task Manager (or a filtered subset). Select one of the scheduled tasks to see details in the Task Detail area.

Task Detail

This area shows more detail on the simulation task currently selected in the summary table.


Any messages generated by the current simulation task will be printed here.


Simulation Task Manager options allow you to customize some features of the software.

Description of the features of the Options dialog:



Default Simulation Priority

When simulation tasks are sent to the Simulation Task Manager, they will automatically assume this Priority.

Max. No. of Simulations Allowed to Run Simultaneously

This variable controls how many simulations you can run at one time. Each concurrent simulation will be allocated a CPU thread if available. Depending on use case, you may consider limiting the number of concurrent simulations to conserve computing power for other background applications.

Using Simulation Task Manager

To use the Simulation Task Manager, you need to:

  1. Enable Simulation Task Manager from the modeling software.
  2. Schedule the simulation task using Run Manager.
  3. Manage scheduled simulations from Simulation Task Manager.
  4. Update output results in the model when simulations are completed.

The following is an example of using Simulation Task Manager directly from the Run Manager.

Note that the Simulation Task Manager is also always used for simulations initiated by the Re-run tool in the ribbon regardless of the Run Manager settings.

Step 1

Open the Run Manager dialog and select the Use Innovyze Simulation Task Manager option located towards the bottom of the dialog box.

Step 2

Schedule a simulation using Run Manager. When the Use Innovyze Simulation Task Manage is selected, the Run button will now serve as the Schedule Simulation button. After clicking this button, the Simulation Task Manager Main Window will be launched and the simulation can be managed from there separately from InfoWater Pro. 

Note: When a simulation is sent to the Simulation Task Manager environment, the model data is briefly locked as the data is prepared for the simulation. Once dispatched, the model data can be edited but be aware the model results may differ from the latest modified data.

Step 3

Manage all scheduled tasks from the Simulation Task Manager Main Window. Task priority can be changed, and simulations can be paused, deleted, or started.

Step 4

Once the scheduled simulation tasks are completed, you can update the active output results through Run Manager or the Update Results tool in the ribbon. When results are available to load back into the model, the Open button will change to the Results Pending button. Click the Results Pending button to load the output data generated by the Simulation Task Manager back into the model.

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