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Selection sets are collections of data elements that can be saved and later recalled for activation.  

Using Selection Sets in InfoWater Pro

Selection sets may be used for the following purposes:

  • Define domains – A domain can be created from one or more selection sets.

  • Define facility sets – A facility set used for defining a scenario network subset can be defined from one or more selection sets.

Selection sets are flexible in that the network components in a given-selection set may be used to add facilities to a domain or facility set or alternately to remove facilities from a domain or a facility. These options are specified on the Domain Manager and Facility Manager dialog boxes.

The network components included in a selection set can be defined from the following fashions:

  • Graphical Selection - Select components to add to a selection set.

  • Domain Selection - You can use the contents of the current domain to define a selection set. The domain itself can be defined by graphical selection or by database query.


To create a selection set, enter an ID, and a description when prompted. Once created, the Selection Set dialog box appears.

  • From the Operation tab of the InfoWater Pro Browser, highlight the Selection Set folder.

  • Right click and select the New command and specify an ID and an optional description (ID is no more than 20 characters, no spaces, and Description is no more than 60 characters, may contain spaces), and click OK.

  • From the Selection Set dialog box, now either populate a selection set from a previously created domain (Load Domain icon) or you can select the elements you desire to populate this newly created selection set by using the Load User Selection icon.

  • Click Yes to confirm the selection set overwrite and in the case of the Load User Selection option specify the facilities you want to include in your selection set by left clicking on them and then right-click to bring up the Selection set dialog box.


Selection sets are collections of data elements that can be saved and later recalled for activation. 

Selection Set Toolbar

  • New - Creates a new folder.
  • Clone - Clones the existing folder to a new folder.
  • Delete - Deletes the folder from the dialog box. Pack will permanently delete the folder from the hard disk (unless autopack is turned on).
  • ID Counter - Use this to specify the ID options.
  • Edit Description - Edits the description of the folder.
  • Copy - Copies the contents of one folder to a buffer file. The buffer remains in place until either the replace or merge icons are initialized.
  • Replace - Replaces the contents of one folder with the contents of a buffer file created from the copy command.
  • Merge - Appends the contents from a file being copied to the highlighted folder.
  • Load Domain - Uses the current domain to populate the selection set database.
  • Load User Selection - When this icon is clicked, you can graphically select the elements to include in the selection set.  It is important to note that before this icon is used, all data elements in the InfoWater Pro project should be activated through the Facility Manager.
  • OK - Saves all changes and exits the dialog box.
  • Cancel - Discards all unsaved changes and exits the dialog box.

ID & Description

The Selection Set ID and description are displayed here.

    • Tip 1:  In InfoWater Pro an ID is up to 32 characters long, no spaces and no symbol characters such as #, % ,etc. (dash "-" and underscore "_" are OK).

    • Tip 2:  Description is up to 60 characters with spaces and symbols.

    • Tip 3:  A good description always helps identify the Selection Set.