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A Scenario may simulate a unique portion of the system or the entire network. For example, the proposed pipes should not be included in a scenario that represents the existing condition.

To change the facility set for a scenario, open the Scenario Explorer, and select the Facility tab.

Active Network

Use this to assign the last active Scenario's facility set to the Scenario just activated. When a Scenario has its facility set defined as Active, the facility set associated with the Scenario activated just prior to activating this scenario is assigned to this Scenario. 

Note: With this option, loading a scenario that has the Active Network option will not change the current active facility set. In other words, the facility set included with an Active Network will vary every time according to the *active* facility set created from the Facility Manager.

Entire Network

When this option is chosen InfoWater Pro will always include the entire network in a given scenario. Therefore, no matter what facilities are active (in the current facility set from the Facility Manager) at the time you load the scenario, that facility set will be replaced with a new facility set representing the entire suite of network components in the open InfoWater Pro project.

Query Set

When you choose this option, InfoWater Pro will evaluate one or more database statements you specify and all network components meeting those criteria at the time the scenario is activated will be included in the scenario’s facility set. Those facilities will be displayed and all facilities not meeting the entered criteria will be disregarded from the simulation and will be removed from the map display. With this option, you can either select a query set or assign a previously created query set.  Click here to learn more about query sets.

Queries are inclusive. The individual queries used must select the elements that you want be active. When you choose Auto Pipe Node Inclusion located in the Operation Settings in the Preferences, you are entitled to use of only pipe query and you are entitled to nodes that are automatically at endpoints of selected pipes. If any Node Query included software does not use Auto Pipe Node Inclusion, then queries must have one assigned for each model element type active.

Example of a Query Set with Year Install and Year Retire parameters

Use this example for your query set:

For a Given Year X
Example for year 2020 ->  PIPE->YR_INST<=2020 .AND. (PIPE->YR_RETIRE>2020 .OR. PIPE->YR_RETIRE = 0) 

This option is useful for creating facility sets based on database attributes.  For instance, it is useful for creating a skeletonized network scenario.  As another example, you could assign pressure zone designations to all components in the current InfoWater Pro project and then specify database query statements to select and include components in each pressure zone in different modeling scenarios.


This option is like the Active Network option, but differs in that the Intelli-Selection remembers the *active* facility set from the Facility Manager and will reinstate that facility set every time the scenario is activated.

Data Set Tab - See Scenario Explorer Data Sets.

General Tab - See Scenario Explorer General Options.

Use the Facility Manager to manually select the facilities you want to activate in your Network. For more information on the Facility Manager, click here.