This dialog box is used to save CAM reports as a comma delimited text file. The options in this dialog box will change depending on the Report Type selected. The options shown below are typical.

File Name - The specified file path and name are displayed in this box. Click on the Browse button to select a location to save the report file on the network or local drive.


  • Downstream Pound; Low Pressure Junctions - Press this button to save the currently displayed report only.

  • Save all Affected Junctions - Select this toggle box to save a listing of all affected junctions (i.e., Isolated Junctions, Low Pressure Junctions and No Water Junctions, in 3 separate sub-sections).

  • Save All Pound Pipes and Facilities - Select this toggle box to save a listing of all facilities within the pound (i.e., pound pipes, pound valves/pumps/tanks/reservoirs in 2 separate sub-sections (Pound Pipes and Pound Facilities)).

  • Save all Hydraulic Performance Junctions and Pipes - Saves all hydraulic performance data for affected junctions and pipes.

File Use

  • Append - Select this option to append the .csv file.

  • Overwrite - Select this option to overwrite the .csv file.

Assessing Element or Demand Category

Data selection in this category will depend upon the type of report selected.

  • All Elements - Select from All Elements assessed.

  • Current Selected Element - Select only the currently selected Assessing Element.

  • All Categories - Select from all demand Categories.

  • Category 1 - Select from selected Demand Category.

Save - Click on this button to save the report file with selected options.

Cancel - Click on this button to return to the InfoWater Pro Valve Criticality Modeling Report screen without saving the report to a file.