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To run a calibration simulation, from the Run menu, select Start. While running the calibration routine, the Calibrator reports calibration information as shown in the Run tab dialog box. If the simulation run was unsuccessful, a descriptive message will appear in the message area explaining what needs to be corrected in the input data.

Main Menu

Mode - Choose a mode (Steady State, Fire Flow, or Extended Period) for Calibrator.

Run - Go to Run to Start and Stop the trial. You can also choose Options.... to view the Calibration Options dialog box: 

Help - Click to go to ContentsIndex, or About Calibrator to find more information on Calibrator.

Trial Progress

This section of this dialog box represents the progress of the current optimization. It displays the current trial and the maximum trial limit.

Fitness Statistics

This section of the dialog box represents the accuracy of the current optimization. This section shows the Maximum, Minimum and Average fitness statistic for the current simulation. Please review the fitness statistics carefully. The fitness statistic will be a value between zero and one. The smaller the fitness value, the better the correlation between the observed and the calculated values. If the fitness is a value large, the calculated values may have little correlation to the observed data and you may need to review the input criteria and re-run the calibration simulation.

Simulation Performance

This section of the dialog box represents the performance of the current optimization. It will be updated continually as the algorithm moves towards completion. This section shows the current Convergence Method, The Fitness Threshold and the Best Fitness reached during the simulation.

Result Time Stamp

This value represents the current date and time when the last successful optimization was completed.