The Rule-Based Controls are used to perform a given action during a hydraulic simulation when some user-specified conditions are met. Unlike Simple Controls, Rule-Based Controls allow for the creation of multiple conditions to be satisfied before an action is performed.

To create a rule-based control, do the following to bring up the Rule-Based Control dialog box.

To implement logical controls in a simulation, from the InfoWater Pro Model Explorer->Command Center-> Edit Menu, select Rule-Based Control. Once initiated, the dialog box below will appear. The Rule Data Edit dialog box is used to create and maintain logical control rules. Any logical controls you specify with this dialog box are associated with the active (currently loaded) logic set. The dialog box is structured to guide you through the development of your logical control rules.  Each section of the dialog box, starting with the Data Type box on the left, allows you to build a new component of your control logic or to associate other components with logic statements.