The Remote Valve Pressure Control is used to change the operation of a pressure regulator (PRV or PSV), in order to maintain a user-defined fixed or time-varying (pattern-based) pressure immediately downstream of a PRV (or upstream of a PSV) or at a remote junction in the network.

To specify a remote valve pressure control, do the following to bring up the Remote Valve Pressure Control dialog.

n the dialog of Remote Valve Pressure Control, we can enable remote valve pressure control for either a PRV or PSV, select a remote junction, and specify the desired pressure setting imposed on the remote junction. This dialog can be opened by selecting a PRV/PSV valve, and then clicking the  button in the Model Explorer window.

Remote Control Junction ID:  The unique ID of the junction that will act as the controller for the valve setting.

Pressure Setting: The desired pressure of the remote junction.

Optional Control Pressure Pattern ID: If the desired pressure at the remote junction varies through the simulation, a pressure pattern can be used. (NOTE: If a pressure pattern is specified, this will override any pressure entered in the Pressure Setting.)