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The Remote Valve Pressure Control is used to change the operation of a pressure regulator (PRV or PSV), in order to maintain a user-defined fixed or time-varying (pattern-based) pressure immediately downstream of a PRV (or upstream of a PSV) or at a remote junction in the network.

To specify a remote valve pressure control, do the following to bring up the Remote Valve Pressure Control dialog box.

In the dialog box of Remote Valve Pressure Control, you can enable remote valve pressure control for either a PRV or PSV, select a remote junction, and specify the desired pressure setting imposed on the remote junction. This dialog box can be opened by selecting a PRV/PSV valve, and then clicking the  button in the Model Explorer window.

Remote Control Junction ID:  The unique ID of the junction that will act as the controller for the valve setting.

Pressure Setting: The desired pressure of the remote junction.

Optional Control Pressure Pattern ID: If the desired pressure at the remote junction varies through the simulation, a pressure pattern can be used.

If a pressure pattern is specified, this will override any pressure entered in the Pressure Setting.