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InfoWater Sync ensures a more effective way to move the InfoWater project across the network by copying the model files with changes and recording the timestamp and user ID.

Before using the tool, please read through the following important list of items:

  1. InfoWater Sync does not support version control.
  2. InfoWater Sync does not support multi-user editing.
  3. InfoWater Sync is independent of the current InfoWater Pro session (i.e., an initialized InfoWater Pro project). Before exiting the dialog box, the users are prompted to open the local project if desired.
  4. No matter what exchange mode (either Save or Load), the source project is always represented by the file (i.e.,.aprx and .mxd files); the destination project is always represented by the folder that contains both the .aprx and/or .mxd file and .IWDB folder.
  5. The tool checks only the .aprx file and/or .mxd file and .IWDB folder. The .out folder will not be touched. Therefore, it is recommended to rerun the simulation to update the .out folder after synchronization.
  6. The names of local project and master project should be the same, in order to do project synchronization. If the destination project (within the selected folder) does not contain the project with the same name, a new project with the same name as the source project will be created.
  7. Always click Check for timestamp and user ID for both master and local projects before applying synchronization.
  8. Please archive the InfoWater models regularly.

How to Save a Local Copy of the Modeling File to a Server Environment

For this upcoming InfoWater Pro 3.0 software product release, you can save a local .aprx file to your server environment with a new Project Synchronization tool. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Make your edits to your .aprx model file.
  2. Click Save to save your .aprx project file while you are in InfoWater Pro.
  3. Go to your Project tab in InfoWater Pro.
  4. Select InfoWater Sync from the left-hand panel.

    The InfoWater Pro Project Repository Manager dialog box will appear (see below).
  5. Load your saved local copy to the server. Choose your saved .aprx file in the Local Project Folder field, and click on the Load  button.
  6. Go to your existing model in InfoWater Pro, and click on the Save  button in the Model Explorer to save your changes to your existing model.
  7. Click on the Save  button to overwrite the master file and to save it to your server environment.