InfoWater Pro Help Documentation infowaterpro

To start the Pressure Zone Manager, from the InfoWater Pro ribbon, select InfoWater Pro> Apps> PZM. Click on the Run button to view the Pressure Zone Manager dialog box, as shown below.

The Pressure Zone Manager is the center of the pressure zone trace analysis process. All pressure zone related map display, reporting and analysis functions will originate from this Pressure Zone Manager window. The Pressure Zone Manager allows you to create new pressure zones as well as set global pressure zone options such as zone ID name and number assignment. The Pressure Zone Manager allows you to view and color the individual pressure zones on the map display as well as display detailed pressure zone report information.

To analyze pressure zones:

  1. Select the Options... button to set the global zone analysis options.

  2. Select the New... button to start the Pressure Zone Wizard that will step you through settings for the analysis procedure.

  3. After the analysis is completed, you will return to the Pressure Zone Manager where you can select the Show Zone button to color the zones in the map display.

  4. Use the Export Zone... or Export Domain... button to save the selected zone or zones to a selection set or domain.

  5. The Zone Results... button will display and print the results of the pressure zone analysis in a diagram, schematic, and tabular form.