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The Protector represents the state-of-the-art in water security planning, vulnerability assessment, and consequence management. Unique in its functionality, it equips you with expanded power and flexibility in estimating the consequences of a terrorist attack or a crisis event on your drinking water supply infrastructure. It also assists you in formulating and evaluating sound emergency response, recovery, remediation and operations plans, and security upgrades.

An invaluable infrastructure protection and consequence management tool, the Protector is specifically designed to help you reduce your infrastructure vulnerability and enhance your ability to prepare for and respond to natural disasters and emergencies. The program can be effectively used to identify viable solutions before an incident or disaster occurs, or to assist in responding should it occur.

The Protector allows you to model the propagation and concentration of naturally disseminated, accidentally released, or intentionally introduced contaminants and chemical constituents throughout your water distribution system. You are also able to assess the effects of water treatment on a contaminant and evaluate the potential impact of unforeseen facility breakdowns (e.g., significant structural damage and/or operational disruption). The program enables you to locate areas of your systems affected by contamination; calculate population at risk and report customer notification information; and identify the appropriate valves to close to isolate a contamination event. Finally, it helps you track contaminants to the originating supply source(s); compute required purging water volume; develop efficient flushing strategies; determine the resulting impact on your community’s fire-fighting capabilities; and prepare data for eventual prosecution.

Beyond these important and pressing security concerns, the Protector offers you critical support in planning long-range infrastructure improvements to protect public health and insure a safe, reliable potable water supply far into the future.

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