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The Output Unit Manager is used to specify the units of measurement for simulation result variables to units other than the defaults. Choose from any pre-defined units or define user-specified units by applying the appropriate conversion factor.

In changing units from the Output Unit Manager, you are able to create and compare both reports and graphs from the same model run without having to re-run the model.

To view the Output Unit Manager, from the InfoWater Pro Model Explorer > Command Center Tab > Tools menu, and select Output Unit Manager.

Units selected with the Output Unit Manager affect all InfoWater Pro commands and functions that reference simulation results including, but not limited to, the Animation Viewer, Annotation, Contour, Map Rendering, Custom Report Manager, Query Reports, and the Output Report Manager (graphs and text reports).

Output Data Units

This displays the current choice of units for all the InfoWater Pro output data.

Available Units

 Displays all the possible units for the output data. The currently selected unit is marked with a red check.

User Units

Unit Label - Enter the label to be used with the user-defined units.

Factor - Enter the factor to convert the current unit to user units.

Click Update to enter the new user defined units.

Default Units

US - Displays customary US units.

SI - Displays customary Metric units.

Project - Displays current project units.

OK - Click OK to save and exit from the InfoWater Output Unit Manager dialog box.

Cancel - Click Cancel to exit without saving.

Be sure to refresh graphs and reports on the Output Report Manager to reflect units chosen on the Output Unit Manager dialog box. Select each graph and report in turn and then click Refresh to update graphs and reports.