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The Output Report dialog box is available after completing a successful Scheduler run. The Control Schedule portion of the output report displays the Pump, Valve, and Pipe control schedules (in the example below, the output report only displays the Pump schedule) as computed by the scheduler analysis. The Main tab displays the general schedule for the selected element type. The Detail Tab displays the schedule for individual elements.

Main - Pump Control Schedule Output


  • Time - Details time periods for operations.

  • Status - Details the optimal on / off status of the feature at the each time period as determined by the Scheduler.

  • Status Bar (Color Code) - Red means the feature is off at the time period. Green means the feature is on at the time period.

Locate - This button zooms to the selected element on the map view.

Print - Use the Print button to send the current Control Schedule to the printer. 

Message Board

This section of the Scheduler dialog box will display a message upon successful completion of the commands that have been activated or pertinent error messages to the simulation.