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The Output Relate option is used to establish relationships between modeling input data and modeling results. Once a relate (link) is established, you can then apply queries against the current project based on modeling inputs and simulation results simultaneously.  

Uses of Output Relates in InfoWater Pro

  • Output Relates provide a method of temporarily transferring simulation result data to InfoWater’s model input database to support database operations (such as queries) using the output data. Click here for information on querying Output Relates.

  • Output relates are stored in an external database file that can be linked to in a third party GIS software to view analysis results.


To build an Output Relate, do the following:

  • From the InfoWater Pro browser →  Operation tab, click on the Output Relate folder.

  • Right mouse click on the Output Relate folder and select the New command. Then specify an ID and an optional description (ID no more than 20 characters, no spaces and Description no more than 60 character, may contain spaces) and click on the OK button.

  • Choose the target scenario from the drop-down box (choose either the Base scenario or any other custom scenario).

  • Choose the target simulation from the drop-down box (choose from <Standard, Fireflow, SCADA>).

  • Choose the desired output report from the drop-down box (All reports pertaining to the simulation type will be available for update).

  • Choose the desired time step for the update.

  • Click on OK to create the Relate.

  • Also if you choose to update your Relate automatically, check the Automatic Update check box.

Now you may use your output relate to import the outputs into your GIS or create InfoWater queries to query based on the output results.